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Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges from another PRSA chapter.

In the event that a judge has a close affiliation with a particular entrant, that judge will abstain from judging that category. Awards may not be given in a particular category if it is determined that entries do not merit recognition. 

Each entry will have a total score based on the cumulative average of the judges' scores for that entry. The judges will score each entry's summary and supporting materials based on a 100-points scale for each category listed below.  There will be a tier for Finalists, Gold winners (and there can be multiple Gold winners per category), and a VOX winner (only one VOX winner per category).  There will be two overall Best In Show awards:  One Best In Show will be awarded to a Special Event or Campaign, and one Best In Show will be awarded to a Tactic. 


Research (15 percent): The methods used to identify the problem or opportunity and the approaches used.

Planning (25 percent): The objectives and audiences, including any difficulties encountered, with special consideration given to strategy and originality of approach.

Execution (40 percent): Implementation and quality of materials, including writing, and the imaginative and effective use of available public relations tools and techniques.

Evaluation (20 percent): The entrant’s evaluation of the program’s success in achieving identifiable objectives. Consideration will be given for the quality of analysis, including efforts made to identify, analyze and quantify results, and any initiatives suggested or taken as a result of this appraisal.